Zero to hero Kitesurf course

zero to hero kitesurf courseThis zero to hero kitesurf course is the best option for anyone wanting to completely immerse themselves in the world of kitesurfing! You’ll enjoy the intro lesson, and then four more lessons that you can book whenever it suits your schedule. After this course you should be feeling confident to go down to the beach with your own gear, and get out on the water and practice your new sport!

Everyone’s progression will be different and at no point will students be asked to perform anything beyond their abilities. The lesson plans below are rough guides and will be affected by weather and student progression. You can always expect to leave the beach with a huge smile on your face, itching to get back out on the water and feel the power of the kite!

First day

The day 1 lesson is essentially the start of a kitesurfing journey; this session will teach you all of the basics and prepare you for your kitesurfing adventures, in your first taste of real kite flying, you will get answers to the millions of questions that you have! After a short briefing, you start with the kite in your hands and you will learn about the principles of flying a kite in a safe environment.

From experience the more time a student has spent flying a powerkite the easier it is to progress with the water kites.
After this 3 hour kite surfing lesson you will be itching for your next session and the chance to get out on the water!

Day 2

This lesson continues directly on from the basic kite skills learnt on first day and now the second day of the kitesurfing course is 100% practical, all the theory and land based work has been completed, we start the day re-enforcing the kite assembly learnt on the first day, and after that exercises…. It’s time to get wet! Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite

Day 3

This lesson continues directly on from the skills learnt on day 2 and is primarily aimed at getting you up and riding on the board and to a level where you feel like you can practice independently and safely after the course. The three day of the kitesurfing course is 100% practical, and this course provides another full day of tuition to really master your board control and become an independent kitesurfer.

This third day of tuition offers the extra time needed to become independent during kite launch/land and water re-launch as well as having the opportunity to experience different wind and sea conditions.
Be prepared for a full on day of fun!

Day 4

We get you setup and straight in the water with your board, concentrating on getting you up and riding as quickly as possibly. This session aims to make you into capable of getting out on your own and being able to keep riding along for a short distance.
All done in the water we get you in control of both the kite and board, allowing you to practice retrieving the board, walking safely upwind with it, as well as launching and landing. We also improve your board start techniques and introduce the theory of prolonged power delivery and good stance which are the key to a successful longer ride.

Day 5

On the last day of the lesson it really depends on the individual’s progression to what level you will be, most people are comfortable riding, some staying upwind, some even doing transition turns. We progress you through as quickly as possible whilst making you comfortable with all of the information and equipment.

Lessons Details

  • Includes: All equipment (helmet, buoyancy aid, harness, kite and board)
  • Course Locations Boavista: Iberostar Hotel
  • Duration: 12h training
  • Price: 500€ per person

Kite surfing is more than just a sport, it is a way of life… so get started with your kitesurfing holiday!