Big game fishing

If you fancy an incredible fishing quest in Boavista waters that teem with magnificent game fish, then you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to offer you excitement through action-packed trips off the coasts of Boavista island of the Atlantic ocean and a tropical haven for anglers worldwide.

Quad excursion Boavista

We take you on a ride through golden dunes, dirt roads full of clay, areas of volcanic eruptions, tropical oases and fabulous beaches.

Catamarans sailing trip Boavista

Embark on a dream Catamaran cruise and experience sailing at its best! Spend a memorable day onboard Sea Turtle, designed specifically for day sail excursions.

Whale watching

Humpbacks whales carry out seasonal migrations between their high-latitude feeding areas and their low-latitude breeding grounds. The Cape Verde Islands are one of the two breeding sites for the species in the North Atlantic.
March and April is the peak of the breeding season and also the time when these acrobatic whales can be sighted off the W and SW coast of Boa Vista.