Western Kite Spots

Boavista Bahia beach kitesurf spot

IF you came to kite and you are looking for other kiters  on the island? Then head to Boavista Bahia beach kitesurf spot, where you’ll find as many as 20 kiters at the same time, if you’re lucky. Our local kitesurf school is located at www.boavistakite.com and we offer lessons.

Bahia is located to the left of the port of Sal Rei, which makes for much less intimidating waves. The wind however is mostly cross off shore, but the kitesurf school have 2 boats here that can help you out if you get into trouble.

This spot is on the northwest side of the island. Those who stay at the Riu can reach it with a 15 minute drive and it also within 15 minutes of the airport.

This beach is one of the few in the country that can be accessed without having to go offroad. The trade winds cross off from the right, while the waves are small rights.

While the waves tend to be smaller here, the winds crossing in from offshore make riding them somewhat difficult. To get back to shore, you’ll need good riding upwind, which can take time.