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Northern Kite Spots

 Santa Maria

This spot has plenty of rough swell waves coming in from the north. Those who wish to practice freestyle can head to the large flat spots between the waves. There are is also a huge, rusty shipwreck to take photos of, making for a great tourist attraction. The current is sometimes strong and the waves are at the shore, which makes it difficult to go out.

It is an endless white beach, with winds centralized on shore. As you drive through Sal Rei and head north, you’ll have to head off the beaten track. The shipwreck is visible over the dunes and the northern section of Santa Maria bears the brunt of the ocean’s swells. Since the winds are on shore, it can be hard to get to the bigger waves in the back, but if you cannot find swell anywhere else, this is a great location for waves.

The waves are medium to large and the trade winds are on shore, but also cross in from the left.