Praia de Chaves Boa Vista: Royal Horizon and Iberostar Hotels  – kitesurf spots

Praia de Chaves is located south of the Riu. There is a beautiful bay filled with wide beaches and these two hotels are located side by side at the south end of it. The huge, sweeping is roughly 10 minutes from the airport. The shoreline is littered with sand dunes and there is a bit of a walk from the parking dune to the top of the beach.

The Praia de Chaves beach break is not as powerful as the shore break by the hotel. The wind in Praia de Chaves comes in cross shore from the right, the bay bends around out to sea and if you find trouble here, you will still end up on dry land.

The bay is large enough for anyone to find their desired wave, but be forewarned, Praia de Chaves is not always accessible. When the sea is rough, the shore breaks become tougher to navigate. The waves come in from the right, at sizes ranging from medium to big, along with the aforementioned cross winds.